I arrange workshops and collective walks in nature. I’m interested in how we might shift our mindsets from merely viewing landscapes to experiencing more profound connections with nature. And how this will affect our creativity and also if that influence the way we tell stories about nature.

Mineral Meditation Walks

These walks are a series of collective walks in different landscapes that attempt to explore the magic and the common ground of human and nature. September 2020 the first MMW-workshops took place in Limhamn limestone quarry, Sweden and at Munkeruphus, Denmark.

The walks consists of four elements: a collage of mineral stories of deep time, life and death from the fields of site-writing, science and poetry - presented by the guides. A silent meditative walk, a collective making session with stones and inspirational sharing of ideas and thoughts.

The guides are designers: Anette Væring and Petra Lilja.

More walks Marts 15, 2021, for Österlenskolan för Konst och Design at Kivik Art Centre

More walks May 27-31, 2021, during Southern Sweden Design Days

Please contact us for a site-specific walk.